El Tambo - Cauca, Colombia


Program Managers

  • Nicole Duquette
  • Gabriela Meyer

Program Launch

  • December, 2016


  • Project Development


We are excited to be starting this project. Working with our friends at Food 4 Farmers, this program will focus on improving food and water security in the Cauca Department of western Colombia. Through this collaboration, we have partnered with a local coffee cooperative, Nuevo Futuro, and a Colombian based NGO, Nueva Ruralidad, to address the water infrastructure needs in the municipality of El Tambo.

Program Location


Project Details

Under Construction


Current Status

Currently, EWB-VT is working with our partners to identify the communities and the needs around which we will build the framework of our program. We are starting to put together a project team and we plan to submit our Program Application in early 2017.



Food 4 Farmers

Food 4 Farmers

Food 4 Farmers is a non-profit organization working to promote food security in Latin American coffee growing communities. With the goal of diversifying farms, Food 4 Farmers has initiated a home garden project wherein they are providing the seeds and construction materials that will be used to build garden plots in 50 communities across the region. In recognizing the need for water to grow seeds, Food 4 Farmers reached out to EWB-VT to assist them in developing and improving the water systems in these communities.

Nueva Ruralidad

Nueva Ruralidad

Nueva Ruralidad a newly formed organization based in Bogota, who’s mission is to create sustainable livelihoods for the new Latin American rurality. Nueva Ruralidad has expertise in the development of water storage, treatment, and distribution systems for rural communities. Their focus on resource conservation and appropriate technologies will be a valuable asset for the transfer of knowledge across cultural borders.

Nuevo Futuro

Nuevo Futuro

Nuevo Futuro is a small association of just over 200 coffee producers that are dedicated to agroecological farming practices. The cooperative, which is spread out over 5 municipalities, promotes collaboration within local boards to help the farmers succeed in getting their products to market. Like thousands of rural communities in Latin America, one of the many challenges faced by these farmers is reliable access to clean drinking water. As climate change threatens their crop yields, it is becoming increasingly more important to have water resources available for irrigation as well. Despite these adversities, Nuevo Futuro is committed to improving the well-being of their members and families.